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Sprint Online Bill Pay

A Look at Sprint’s Online Bill Payment Options

With a service called Sprint Online Bill Pay, Sprint makes it easy to pay your bill online. Sprint Online Bill Pay is simple, secure, and available at no cost to review your current bill. Efficiently manage your account with this web-based system that sends you an email that links you to your monthly online invoice.

Is Sprint online bill pay for you? Most likely it is. You are eligible if you utilize Sprint domestic and/or international Voice and/or Private Line services.

Sprint Online Bill Pay Features

  • View your Sprint invoice.
  • Pay your monthly Sprint bill.
  • Download your Sprint bill and call details.
  • Itemize your Sprint statement to see discounts, taxes, and other charges.
  • Analyze your Sprint payment history.
  • Track expenses company-wide with simple accounting codes.


  • Convenience. Save time and money by receiving and paying your Sprint bills right at your computer.
  • Productivity. Download your Sprint statement to analyze at your convenience.
  • Expense Management. Monitor your usage for domestic and international Sprint Voice and Private Line services.
  • Pass-through costs. Download and appropriate in-office and Sprint FONCARDSM costs to clients, cost centers, or regional offices.
  • Easy storage. Save your downloaded Sprint bills right at your computer instead of in your file drawers for easy reference (and to save trees!).

How Does Sprint Online Bill Pay Work?

Each month you will receive an email that directs you to a secure web page where you can review your current statement and the prior month’s statement. When you register, you can choose from a variety of online payment options or even mail Sprint a check. It’s pretty simple.

Payment Options

To make Sprint Online Bill Pay even more convenient, a variety of payment options are available to you:

  • Bank Account Easy-Authorize – Pay by requesting a check or automatic payment from your company’s bank account.
  • Pay your Sprint bill using the bank account of your choice. This option requires you to return to Sprint Online Bill Pay each month to initiate and authorize payment. Simply enter in the information found on the bottom of your check (Bank number and Account number).
  • Bank Account Easy Authorize is only available for accounts with United States banks. If you are an international customer, you should choose one of Sprint’s credit card options.
  • Credit Card Easy-Authorize – Pay with an authorized credit card via the Internet. Accepted credit cards include MasterCard, Visa, American Express®, Discover®, Diners Club® and JCB.
  • Pay your Sprint bill using a credit card. This option requires you to return to Sprint Online Bill Pay each month to initiate and authorize payment.
  • Automatic payments by Credit Card – You can authorize automatic credit card payment of monthly statements. This is an excellent choice for those of you who pay off your credit card balance each month and who receive rewards or points for credit card usage. On the other hand, if you carry a large credit balance or you are always hovering near your credit limit, it would be better for you to pay by check so as not to increase your credit balance.
  • Online Checks – Pay with online checks from the Sprint Internet billing site. This is always a good option because it eliminates any risk of overdrawing your checking account or exceeding your credit card balance. If Sprint’s online check payment system works the same as most others, the transaction will not go through unless you have sufficient funds.
  • U.S. Mail – Simply mail us your check. This is of course the tried-and-true old fashioned method. But with so many simpler options available now, why would you want to spend a couple hours each month buying stamps, writing checks, and licking stamps and envelopes?

If you do not select an electronic payment method with Sprint Online Bill Pay, you will continue to receive your paper invoice via the mail.

Customers that are on the “Bill By Mail” payment option will not receive email notification.

If you are located outside of the U.S.A., note that only domestic (U.S. based) Sprint customers are eligible for the Bank Account Easy-Authorize, Credit Card Easy-Authorize, postal payment options, and the Worry Free Credit Card payment option. Some Sprint customers may not be eligible for the Worry Free Credit Card payment option. Customers located in international offices should choose the Credit Card Easy-Authorize option.

Check Your Computer and Your Browser

To use the Sprint Online Bill Pay system your browser must be cookies enabled. Processor and memory requirements are minimal by today’s standards (Processor: 80468/66 MHz and above; Memory: 8MB; Free Disk Space: 20 MB). You will need WinZip for downloads, such as transaction search reports.

Online Security

To ensure the highest level of online security, Sprint Online Bill Pay requires 128-bit encryption on your browser. This level of encryption is much more secure than the more common 40-bit encryption, and provides the highest level of security and privacy for you when you access account information and initiate online account transactions.

Suppress Paper Bill

Your paper invoice will be automatically suppressed when you register for Sprint Online Bill Pay. Your Sprint invoice will be delivered online only, and you will stop receiving a paper copy in the mail (starting with the next billing cycle). You can change this option at any time to continue receiving your paper invoice. However, with Sprint Online Bill pay a $10 monthly charge will apply if the paper invoice is unsuppressed. Suppressing paper bills is a great option for those who are concerned about the environment and excessive waste of paper products.

Yet Another Option

Alternatively, You can pay your Sprint bill electronically through any participating financial institution (bank) or a bill consolidator such as CheckFreeTM or QuickenTM. Please check with your financial institution to see if it offers electronic bill payment options. You can also visit the CheckFreeTM or QuickenTM web sites for more information.

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