Jan 172012
Frontier Communications

Frontier Communications is a U.S. telecommunications company headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut. Until 2008 it was known as Citizens Communications Companies. Frontier is one of the USA’s biggest rural local exchange carriers. They offer local and long-distance telephone service, broadband Internet, and digital television service to residential and business customers in 27 states in the U.S.

Frontier’s online bill pay home page is here:


Frontier’s billing and payments FAQ is here:


Frontier Customer Complaints:

In 2009 Frontier purchased 4.8 million Verizon landlines across several states. ┬áMany customers have complained that after Frontier took over, their rates went up. There have also been complaints of poor customer service, and excessive and unexplained charges on the bills. If you check out the reviews of Frontier’s service at ConsumerAffairs.com, it’s rather shocking. There are scores of customer reviews, almost universally bad.

As far as online bill pay with Frontier, George of Madison, Wisconsin writes:

I always paid my bill online with Version but, according to Frontier’s customer service, they had a problem with their web site and were unable to process payments on line. (Really? An internet provider with a faulty web site). It took at least six months to resolve that problem and during that time I had to watch my bills carefully as my account was not always credited with my payments. I had to call almost every month to call attention to their errors.

Another customer from Morganville, Illinois writes:

1. Because Frontier bought out Verizon in my area, we have to go through hoops just to pay our Frontier bill online (as they want to charge $2 to pay it over the phone). We can’t use Frontier’s homepage to pay the bill, every month I have to get my account information sent to me in an email just so I can get the proper link to pay the bill. I would have thought they’d like me to pay my bill on a timely basis.

2. The correct Frontier billing page almost always never loads properly. I can click it 30+ times before it will pop up without an error.

Frontier Online Bill Pay Pros:

  • Frontier’s online bill pay service is free.
  • It’s also secure (i.e. uses the https protocol that encrypts your payment information).
  • You can view your bill online from any internet device.

Frontier Online Bill Pay Cons:

  • Many customer complaints of overcharging, poor customer service, and and difficult-to-use website.
  • By signing up for automatic payments through Frontier online bill pay, you give them access to your bank account or credit card. You won’t necessarily have a chance to review your bill before paying, which could be a problem if you get overcharged.


Based on consumer comments I don’t think I’d sign up for Frontier if I had any alternatives.

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