May 242014

By Mohammed Waseem

Bill payment in Switzerland is still in its early stage. Online bill payment has a long way to go, having people to trust it. Swiss locals visit banks and post offices to get their bills paid. In this article, I will discuss different ways they use to pay bills.

Every bill in Switzerland comes with an orange slip (or red slip in some cases) that is meant to be presented while paying the bill. This is predominantly meant for face to face / over the counter bill pay. Swiss locals prefer to pay cash due to convenience and security concerns about technological innovations. There are however a few people who have switched to online bill pay and few others use ATMs to pay bills.

Orange Slip

Orange Slip

While paying a bill, the orange slip has to be presented at a bank’s or a post office’s counter. A part of the slip is returned to acknowledge the payment. This has to be preserved until the biller has confirmed that they have received the payment. This is because many people have complained that companies have been bringing up year old bills claiming that they have never been paid. Banks charge a fee for paying bills and post offices may pass the fee to the biller. Payment has to be in cash, bills cannot be paid by check in Switzerland.

Other than over the counter payments, Swiss bills can be paid online, by Snail Mail or through Multimat machines. Online payments maybe done through internet banking by visiting one of the banks’ websites and logging into the online banking site; online payments are free of charge. The reference number from the orange slip has to be entered for making the payment. Snail mail is the traditional method of sending receipts to banks which in turn pay the bills on behalf of the account holder from their account. Most banks also have Multimat machines that can be used to pay bills at the bank branches or at the ATMs. The slip has to be inserted into the machine after inserting the bank’s card. The slip is then displayed on the screen; payment has to be confirmed to complete the transaction.

Online payment can also be done using a mobile phone by scanning the reference number on the orange slip with a smartphone app provided by the bank. Alternatively, billers’ websites can also be visited for paying individual bills. Some banks also offer ‘direct debit’ option for few types of bills. Online bill pay is best is every part of the world, provided the same level of security exists. If banks succeed in making their customers trust online payment, this can improve bill payment in Switzerland dramatically.

Sep 202012

By Renee D. for

Over the past decade, many people have relied on the internet for paying bills. Initially, there was concern specific to security but as safer systems have been developed and proof of success has been established, more and more individuals have moved to paying bills online opposed to the mail system. Even with this being an option, it is important to be careful.

In fact, the increase of services makes it even more important to research pros and cons of services being considered. Today, there are many old and new online bill payment services from which a person could choose, each unique in one way or another.

Online banking, woman with laptop

Online banking and bill pay services.

We wanted to provide an overview of services that have been shown to offer great services, high security, excellent rates, and the best customer service available.

Established Online Payment Services

To begin, information on some of the older services offered for paying bills online have been provided. Keep in mind that these services cover only companies that specialize in bill pay services. However, below information has been provided pertaining to banks and credit unions and the types of online bill payment services offered.


  • One of the most popular of all online payment systems
  • Provides bill pay options on a national and international level
  • Low fees
  • Cash back earnings
  • Operates on a secure system
  • Excellent customer support


  • Comprehensive online bill pay service
  • Bills can be paid to creditors that do not allow electronic payments
  • Receives and scans bills, followed by sending an email alert
  • Bill history stored for one year and electronic payment records for eight years
  • Low $5 monthly charge and .50 charge for each bill received and paid

  • First established in 1996 and now ranked as one of the best bill pay services available
  • Multiple methods of reaching the payment gateway
  • Multiple services based on customer need
  • Outstanding customer support

Western Union

  • Receive and send money
  • Excellent online bill pay ability
  • Fast and easy services for paying mortgages, car payments, insurance, and much more
  • Top rated customer support

New Online Payment Services

Along with the older services mentioned above for paying bills online are several newer services that could also be considered. Remember, among these examples of the better services available, there are many more good options.

Xpress Bill Pay

  • Innovative web-based online system for paying bills
  • Ideal for processing small and large dollar amounts
  • Payments can be made with credit cards, debit cards, and other electronic fund transfers
  • All payments completed in real time
  • Customers receive email alerts when bills are due
  • Offers the latest security technology


  • Provides global bill pay services
  • Operates one of the largest independent ATM networks in Eastern and Central Europe
  • Features monitoring tools used to detect patterns of fraud and other risks
  • Innovative financial solutions to meet the needs of all customers


  • For 15 years, this has been a popular option for paying bills online
  • Currently covers more than 1.3 million merchants
  • Recipient of multiple coveted awards
  • Global payment solutions
  • Real time payments offered through the Smartphone using a Jak card reader

  • Dedicated to solving businesses challenges
  • Receive and pay bills online
  • Locates hundreds of eBills for customers at no charge
  • Quick and easy bill pay system
  • Provides a 100% guarantee
  • Includes payment options for clothing chains, major department stores, and commercial banks


  • Licensed in 43 states
  • Easy and secure online bill pay services
  • Securely maintains financial information
  • Allows instant withdrawals and deposits
  • Services designed for both personal and business needs

Bank and Credit Unions

In addition to the old and new bill pay services mentioned above, most banks and credit unions also offer online payment options. As with specialty services, conventional financial institutions charge fees for the various services provided, each charging a different rate. For this reason, someone who feels more confident in using a local bank
or credit union for bill paying would need to obtain the institution’s list of fees.

In most cases, local banks and credit unions would offer online services but there are some financial institutions that maintain only internet presence. However, to use services for paying bills online, an individual would be required to open a savings and/or checking account. Even with this requirement, most offer exceptionally low fees, high rates, and easy to use systems. A few examples of banks and credit unions with online bill pay services include:

  • Ally Bank
  • America’s Credit Union
  • Chase Bank
  • Evantage Bank
  • ING Direct
  • RTP Federal Credit Union
  • SAFE Credit Union
  • Westfield Bank
Sep 052012

By Joyce Morse for

Thanks to the improvements in products such as smart phones and tablets, people can do almost anything with their mobile devices that they can do in person or on a computer. Now, you can also pay your bills online. Pageonce is an application that provides numerous features, including bill payment.

Who are Pageonce?

Pageonce is a well-known online bill payer that also provides a mobile application so that you can handle your business on the go. You can add as many accounts as you want, both bank and credit card, to monitor the transactions.

Pageonce was founded in 2007 as an answer to issues regarding multiple online accounts. Guy Goldstein and Ahikam Kaufman were the co-founders of the company, and today, Pageonce is the leading mobile bill-paying application.

When you look up your accounts on Pageonce, you will see each account listed with the name of the company that it is for, type of bill and balance owed, minimum amount due and payment due date. It will also show how many days late the bill is if it wasn’t paid on time.

Benefits of Pageonce

A benefit you will appreciate is that all accounts can quickly be seen with their balances on one page instead of flipping through multiple pages. You can also pull up a screen with a calendar view of when your bills are due.

The app will send you alerts so that you can monitor all of your accounts, including investments. You can get reports to show where your money is being spent.

You can see purchases and any deposits made quickly to make sure everything is correct. Pageonce also allows you to keep an eye on your credit card accounts to prevent identity theft. The sooner you can alert a credit card company of a disputed charge, the more likely you are to prevent further misuse of your account.

Is It Safe?

You may be concerned about entering private information on your cell phone. If you’re like many people and have had a phone call interrupted with interference, you may wonder if it can be safe to have bank account information show up on your screen. Pageonce uses bank level security and meets standards in place by internet security organizations like McAfee.

The Pageonce application is free to download and works on all systems, including iPhone, Android, Blackberry, iPad, and others.

You will find many bill paying apps online that send reminders and allow you to balance your account, but Pageonce takes it a step further by actually sending out the payments for you. Once you set up a payment, you can forget about it and know your bills will be paid on time.

Aug 022012

By Joyce Morse for

You may know that you can use the mobile app from your bank to pay bills on your smart phone, but did you know that you can choose from other companies for bill payments? This is ideal for people that have more than one bank account and want to manage all of their payments in one place.

Two major online bill payment companies provide their services throughout the US: PayTrust and CheckFree. We will go over the highlights of each one so you can make an informed choice of which one to use.


Paying bills online

Paying bills online

PayTrust works with any bank and allows you to make payments from up to 10 accounts. They even receive and manage your bills; however, you can still see either a summary of your bill or detailed information.

For each bill you add to PayTrust, you can get an email notification when it is coming due and set up a payment. You can also set up a recurring payment so you don’t have to deal with it each month.

For your peace of mind, PayTrust never automatically pays a bill unless you set it up that way. You can still choose to pay by another method at any time; for instance, by credit card or money order if you do not have enough money in your bank account. At this time, PayTrust only pays from checking accounts.

PayTrust sends payments electronically or by paper check, and they can be sent to individuals as well as businesses. Records are maintained online for 24 months and offline for 7 years. There is a fee associated with using PayFree.


MyCheckFree is another online bill payer that allows you to pay bills to any company they are partnered with. You set up an account with MyCheckFree and add any bills you want paid with account numbers. They will make payment through your checking or money market account or with a credit card if the payee accepts them.

MyCheckFree does not charge a fee to use its service. They also retain records of your bills for six months. If you are concerned about your payment arriving on time, you can rest assured with the MyCheckFree guarantee. They will take responsibility for any late charges if it does not arrive on time as long as you set up the payment in accordance with their guidelines.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both companies, depending on your needs. To learn more about each of them, here are links to their websites. These are not sponsored links or affiliate links. You are under no obligation to sign up for either service.


Online bill pay can make your life easier and save time that you would normally spend organizing and making payments. While it can be helpful, you are still in control of your bills and responsible for making timely payments to protect your credit.

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