Dec 072014

When you logon to the website of SimpleBills, you will see that it has options to pay bills for roommates or parents in the main page. The reason this company began was sharing bills, a bill combining, splitting and paying service, primarily meant for students. Their main focus, their target market are people who share a common accommodation; in other words, roommates.

The challenge of dividing bills, including utility bills is made simple with their solution. Among the methods employed are timely reminders, creating accountability and timely communication with roommates and parents. They aim to make bill payment easier and convenient by offering this service.

Share Bills

Share Bills

Using this service, each roommate/participant pays only their portion of the bill to SimpleBills, though one bill with one due date is received; all utility bills are received as one bill with one due date. The payment of bills is done by SimpleBills, the participants have to pay to them to cover this payment. Payment options include online and mobile. Many university students have recommended this service, it surely deserves a trial at least.

So, no worrying about different due dates, sharing expenses and all other challenges roommates face. The roommate market is not just limited to universities, but also property management firms. SimpleBills have included them in their target market and have positioned themselves well there. Property managers can offer SimpleBills to their tenants

They are informed via multiple modes of communication including email, text and phone to notify of events such as non-payment of bills and so on. Interested persons can sign up for their service here and give it a try.

May 292014

By Mohammed Waseem

It is critical for banks to offer secure and easy to use online banking service. These services include bill pay as well. They usually look for leading developers for developing their apps. There are many companies that offer good bill pay solutions for banks and financial institutions. Among them is Clear2Pay, which is a payment solution provider based in Belgium. They offer solutions to banks and financial institutions, including solutions for domestic and international payments.

Clear2Pay offers a good EBPP (Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment) solution for banks and other institutions looking to rapidly integrate their online banking system with EBPP services. They claim to offer their customer, control over their EBPP structure, significant cost savings and ownership of online customer interaction. The solution is designed to address the needs of the payer, the biller and the bank.

Clear2PayThe solution is compatible on different delivery channel interfaces including PC, mobile, ATM and Kiosk. The service can be used to pay anyone, including individuals. Multiple processing options are also supported. The payer can enroll for electronic bill presentment and manage payment options such as scheduling, setting up automatic payments, viewing history, review pending payments and access services on mobile phones. The biller can upload bills and send them to respective users. They can also view payment activity and generate reports.

The optimal bill pay route is decided based on a certain criteria such as cost, speed, method of presentment (electronic or paper bills), customer type, matching rules, etc. The routing solution was developed by Clear2Pay in the Open Payment Framework, which is a library of component building blocks from which payments solutions can be derived.

Clear2Pay has a number of clients already using their solution. These clients include Wells Fargo, Credit Agricole, United Arab Bank, Bank of East Asia, Commonwealth Bank, and Banco De Chile. The company considers itself to be a payments modernizer that actively supports financial institutions globally to meet their payments unification goals across the entire value chain.

Mar 192014

By Mohammed Waseem

ProfitStars, a leading software, solution and technology innovator has a bill payment solutions for retail banking customers including small businesses. They are a Jack Henry Company, operating as a diverse, global division of the latter.

More than 4000 financial institutions already use their solutions called iPay Solutions which are meant for online bill pay and mobile bill pay. There are 5 different products offered under iPay solutions. There is Consumer Online Bill Pay which is meant for individual consumers, there is Biz 2.0 for businesses to make payments including payroll, there is BillSimple for billers. TheWayIPay for person-to-person payments and Mobile Bill Pay for iPhone and Android users.

iPay SolutionsThey also have iPay OneClick, which supports single or recurring payments with other web banking providers and Andiamo, which provides a single view of aggregated data from multiple financial institutions in a mobile application. All of their solutions are available for businesses and not for individuals. So, if individuals use their services through their online banking accounts.

iPay Online Bill Pay offers several options such as single, recurring and automatic payments when it comes to paying a bill. Recurring payments can be setup weekly, monthly, annually or at any other frequency. Single payments can also be made to individuals on their email address or electronically or by sending them a check.

The payments calendar displays all the past, pending and future bills for the better convenience of the user. Reminders can also be setup in order to avoid missing a due date. When a payee has been added and a bill is being paid, the amount of the last bill paid is displayed on the screen and it is displayed every time a user pays a bill, so that they don’t have to go elsewhere to check this information.

Notifications can be received by email or text message or both, as chosen by the user, which includes a report of bills paid. E-bills can be received directly on the online bill pay account for supported billers. E-bills history for 18 months can also be viewed online.

iPay Solutions is a comprehensive solution for businesses which includes all services which a good bill pay service should have. Many American companies already use their services, and the customers can access online bill pay from their online banking accounts or their mobile phones.

Feb 152014

By Mohammed Waseem

Mobile payments are gradually becoming part of everyone’s life. I won’t be surprised if there are no currency bills in circulation after a few decades and all exchanges happen through mobile phones instantly, just as cash transactions happen today. Many companies offer mobile payment solutions, one of which is Mi-Pay, a UK based mobile payments solution provider for businesses.

Mobile Operation Businesses can use the services of Mi-Pay for Visa, MasterCard and SecureCode based payments and can also handle expired or changed cards. They can manage monthly bill payment, handset sales, SIM card sales and accessory sales with this service. Alternate payments using PayPal and payment reconciliation are also supported. With this service, payments can be processed in over 160 countries. It also includes management of mobile wallets offered by the operators.

Mi-PayMi-Pay also offers services for management of prepaid recharge by hosting the top-up services of the operator, fully indemnified and managed by the former. This reduces the operating costs of the businesses and also eliminates bad debts and fraud risks due to the fully indemnified services of Mi-Pay. They also claim to increase customer lifetime value and report that 88% improvements in customer lifetime value have provided several hundred Euros of extra revenue per prepaid customer.

For top-ups, Mi-Pay has services which are web-based, accessed through PCs automatic top-ups and Facebook-based top-ups; smartphone-based, accessed from mobile web and apps and from other services like IVR, SMS and USSD. Facebook top-up is something new and innovative; they have a Facebook app for top-ups without having to leave the Facebook environment, which has over 1 billion users worldwide.

Apart from solutions for mobile operators, they also offer Remittance and Transfer solutions for businesses. This includes mobile wallet based transfers, transfers on the web, etc. for person to person transfers, in which case, the money can be cashed out via the local ATM network or via another agent. They also have international remittance solutions and international airtime top-up solutions, which can generate extra revenue for businesses, as all the services are managed by Mi-Pay, once the users access the payment gateway, powered by Mi-Pay.

This is a good opportunity for those companies which look to save on operating costs by offering services through third parties. This can work well for non-core business services and can also be more profitable compared to the alternative of offering the services themselves.

Feb 022014

By Mohammed Waseem

Online bill payment services are increasing day by day. Many of them come up with innovative services but only a few of them gain popularity. One such company is Xpress Bill Pay, a Utah based bill payment solution provider. What makes them unique is that most of the bills paid through them are paid in the real time, paid and received the next day; and that payments can be made using credit cards.

Xpress Bill Pay offers payment solutions for both small and large organizations. These organizations can offer online bill payment powered by Xpress Bill Pay, allowing their customers to pay bills online using credit/debit cards or electronic fund transfers. Customers are supposed to log on to the website in order to see their bills and pay them accordingly.

Xpress Bill pay LogoXpress Bill Pay was ranked 10 by, who also suggested that this service is suitable for those customers who do not have an extensive list of bills to pay each month. The customer is notified by e-mail when a new bill is received and automatic payment can also be setup once the customer logs in. Apart from these, for physical records, bills can also be printed in the same format of paper bills.

The system is very easy to setup and use, as it uses existing financial information from the companies’ financial software, without the need to migrate all the information separately. They suggest that their solution is ideal for the municipal government, utility companies and rental properties, though they could offer it to others as well.

The company was founded in 2003 and operates only in the US in a few states including Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada and Oregon. They have plans for expansion to other states soon. Not all bills can be paid through them, as a customer cannot approach them directly for payment, it must be through their service provider and not all service providers are the customers of Xpress Bill Pay.

Xpress Bill Pay aims to become the one-stop shop for all online bill payment needs of their customers, that is to say, the service providers.

Jan 302014

By Mohammed Waseem

Venturing into bill payment services is one way for money transfer companies to diversify. Most companies are probably forced to keep up with the technology in order to keep their customers feeling that they are ahead of others. Customers are the primary focus for every business because the businesses exists because of them.

Many money transfer companies have introduced bill payment and have launched mobile apps. A few have launched mobile wallets for mobile money transfer, and a few have also introduced prepaid cards of their own.

MoneyGram, which is among the leading money payment services, also has a bill payment service. Like money transfer, they have bill payment service at any agent location or online. Apart from these, payments can also be made with cash at Walmart, CVS Pharmacy, Albertsons and Advance America. The number of retail locations for cash payment is over 35,000.

MoneyGram Bill PayA wide range of bills are accepted for payment by MoneyGram which include auto loans, rent, cable, phone, insurance and credit cards. Their fee starts at $1.49 and they offer same day, next day and 2-3 day services. Of course, they charge higher for same day payments; this can be used in order to avoid penalties for late payments. Notification for payment is received within 10 minutes for same day payments and accordingly for next day and 2-3 day payments.

Payments at an agent location requires that the customer gives the receive code for that biller and their account number. Card swipe facility is also available at select locations.

Bill Payment can also be made online at any time on MoneyGram website. Not all billers are available for online payment. The customer has to visit this link and enter the biller’s receive code and their account number. Payment is done using credit/debit cards. MoneyGram also offers bill payment solutions to businesses, which includes both in-person and online payments.

Just like their money transfer services, their bill payment service is convenient and accurate and their customer service is also quite good. So next time you look for options to pay your bills conveniently, you could consider MoneyGram as one.

Jan 162014

By Mohammed Waseem

Financial Software and Systems (FSS), a leading global payments solutions company offers various financial products in the areas of electronic payment and financial transaction processing. The company is headquartered in India and has operations in Australia, Canada, the Middle East, Singapore and the United States of America.

Over 100 companies in the world use FSS products and services. In India, 30 banks use their products for processing millions of transactions every day. One of their products is called “FSS Bill Pay”, which is a comprehensive multi-channel bill payment solution. Payments are accepted online, on just entering the bill details without having to present the bill as the bill dues and other details are fetched from the service providers. They provide a fast and secure way for bill payment over ATMs, kiosks, mobile and internet payment gateway channels.

FSS MobileFSS offers their payment platform to financial institutions including banks and they also have a revenue sharing scheme. They also ensure better returns to the institutions.

FSS also has a mobile payment solution which enables bill payment from a mobile phone. They say that this service works everywhere. Anywhere a person goes in the world, payments can be made through it. All one needs to do is register their phone for FSS Mobile Pay and take their phone anywhere they go, globally. Payments happen instantly for user-convenience and to match the customer demands. So, this acts as a mobile wallet with which you can pay anyone located anywhere. Of course, there is a charge for each payment you make.

FSS Mobile Pay allows users to make payments, track their payments, get notifications, and it also keeps the transaction secure, easy, convenient and affordable. They also have the capability to integrate large businesses into their scope and range. A user can register through mobile phones, ATMs, phone banking, online or by visiting a branch for their financial institution.

FSS does not offer stand-alone apps or products to end users. They offer products and services to financial institutions who offer them to their customers; the institution’s payment solutions are powered by FSS.

Jan 092014

By Mohammed Waseem

Isn’t it a good idea to have a payment account valid in 173 countries in 47 currencies? Pay for a deal, pay for shopping, pay your staff, whatever. This is possible with a service already available in the market.

EcoPayz, one of the most established payment solutions in the world has two products called ecoAccount and ecoCard, which enable instant payments across the globe in 173 countries in 47 currencies. “Eco” stands for economical and environmental/ecological and “Payz” stands for their specialization in making/accepting payments.

ecoPayzEcoCard is a special payment card which works without a bank account or a check. It is managed through the ecoPayz account. The card can be loaded anytime from the online account and used anywhere in the world, where MasterCard is accepted. A user can get 3 ecoCards on one account, one in $ (USD), one in £ (GBP) and one in € (EUR).For online shopping, they also have a one-use virtual ecoCard, which can be obtained for the transaction and expires after the transaction is complete. This is also available for phone-based payments.

Users of ecoAccount can make payments to businesses and individuals, businesses can pay salaries to their employees and can also pay to other businesses as required. Additionally, ecoAccount enables businesses to assign expense accounts and payment cards to staff at no extra cost, with real time allocation, expense tracking and monitoring. This saves the companies’ time and cost and also enables the employees to instantly access funds necessary for business expenses.

EcoAccount is available for businesses as well as individuals. Individuals, apart from shopping with ecoCards and ecoAccount, can also send and withdraw money from their ecoAccount.

The ecoAccount is of two types for businesses:

  1. ecoPayz Business Account
  2. ecoPayz Merchant Account

Merchants can offer ecoPayz as a way for customers to pay when they check out after having completed their shopping. In other words, merchants can accept payments globally with ecoPayz Merchant Account. It also offers marketing tools and fraud and security tools including “customer due diligence”.

So, ecoPayz is available to anyone among individuals or businesses, with a lot of flexibility to use the accounts and cards and do a lot more than just make or accept a payment.

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