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  6 Responses to “Contact”

  1. There is a charge on my debit card for 84.20–I dont know why—it has a # of 051597—I dont know if this helps but it is through BillMatric but when I searched them on the computor you company popper up—-Please tell me what this charge is about

    • Hello Edward, it was not my “company” since I don’t do any kind of credit card billing. I suggest you contact your credit card company immediately. They can give you more information about the charge, and you can ask for a reversal if necessary.

  2. my name is Kimberly Hinkle and I have been trying to contact you in reguards of overpayment? I filed Bankruptcy last year and it went through 09/09/2014. my discharge number is 2014-04502-CL7 and my attorney informed me that Edd was included? I also been trying too call you at the official number and cant get through , you took my Taxes last year, garnished my wages and still writing me about the money I owe you, plus stating I still owe you 1227$ which I don’t understand this? also I reapply for Edd 12/2014 and you have been taken that income up until now? please email me or contact me reguarding this issue? respectfully Kimberly Hinkle

    • Kimberly, you are confusing us with someone else. This website is only a blog – in other words an informational service. We do not collect or receive payments of any kind. Webmaster

  3. How could i get my electric bill here

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