Sep 212014

By Mohammed Waseem

Among the various types of organizations that offer bill pay, prepaid card providers is one. Most of these work in the country of origin, unlike some international bill pay solutions. Many prepaid solutions are offered only to people with a good credit score, but how about a service that is available for everyone? All users would have access to bill pay using this service.

The prepaid card service in question is AccountNow and it is meant for the residents of the United States. 100% approval of application is guaranteed, subject to identity verification. The users can use the card to withdraw money or make purchases anywhere in the world, where Visa Debit and MasterCard Debit cards are accepted.

AccountNowAccountNow allows users to pay bills within the United States, and this includes payments to service providers and even individuals. They guarantee speed, safety, ease, convenience and on time delivery. The bill pay service can be used to make one time payments or even setup recurring payments. Bills can also be paid over the phone, apart from paying them online.

This service is free of charge, which means no additional charges would apply for paying bills. However, using the prepaid card would attract a fee. To start paying bills, users of AccountNow prepaid cards should add payees to their account and schedule payments. All payments are completed using EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), but if a particular payee does not accept electronic transfers, AccountNow sends them a check drawn on the user’s account. This check is mailed to the payee at no extra charge towards stamps and envelopes.

Users can also request for email confirmation notifying when the payment is sent. The report is however accessible online after the user has logged into their account. Users who already have an AccountNow card or are planning to go for a prepaid card that also allows them to pay their bills, AccountNow’s bill pay is a very good option. This link can be user to sign up for an account with them.

Jun 022014

By Mohammed Waseem

Bill Express, a bill payment solution in the Caribbean that operates in the markets of Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana, Dominica, Grenada and St. Lucia, is considered to be the easiest, most secure, and most convenient online bill payment service. It is a service offered by Grace Kennedy Remittance Services (GKRS), which is a subsidiary of Grace Kennedy & Co.

Offerings of GKRS include instant money transfer in partnership with Western Union and Forex Trading, apart from online bill payment through Bill Express. With this solution, people of the Caribbean can pay their bills from anywhere in the world, by accessing their website. Apart from the internet, users can pay bills at retail locations including supermarkets; with this, they intend to ensure convenience and peace of mind.

Bill ExpressThey have provided the list of billers supported in Jamaica, because online bill payment is currently available in Jamaica only. In order to use the service, users need to sign up. While signing up, users are required to add their credit card to the account, ownership of which is confirmed by making one or two small non-refundable amounts, which, they say, is a key step in minimizing misuse of the site. After confirming the charges, users can begin using services on by creating a username.

The bill pay service is offered free of charge, but a fee maybe applicable if the user opts for optional services offered by GKRS on their website. However, fees maybe applicable for using the service in some markets. This can be confirmed from this link, which consists of the details about the applicable fees. Once the user makes a payment, the payment information is sent to the biller by the end of the business hours on the same day.

Their website is simple, but informative and to the point. Hopefully, they will start the online bill pay service in other countries they operate in as well. Apart from this, they should also look to expand in order to operate in other areas of the Caribbean.

Feb 232014

By Mohammed Waseem

Banks offering bill payment services is not something new, but if a bank’s bill payment service is compared with independent bill payment services, it is something outstanding. American multinational banking corporation, Wells Fargo offers an exceptional bill pay service which can be accessed online on their website.

The bank’s customers can use the bill pay service to pay almost every company or individual in the US. So, the users can pay anyone they would normally pay by check. The service is offered free of monthly or transactional charge for the customers who have a Wells Fargo checking account. Customers with personal accounts can also avail this service for free for the first two months (for new customers) and can keep it free if they maintain a combined minimum balance of $5,000 at all times. For users who do not have a checking account, nor maintain the minimum balance, a monthly charge for $3.00 is applicable.

Wells Fargo Bills Pay OverviewBill pay can also be availed for free by customers with business accounts. Business Bill Pay is free of monthly charges if the customers have an eligible account. In case they do not have an eligible account, they are required to maintain a minimum balance of $25,000 at all times. For the users who do not have a qualifying account or do not maintain the minimum balance, a monthly charge of $6.00 is applicable.

In both cases above, the fee is for 25 payments transactions per month. Every additional bill paid is charged at $0.40. For same day payments, extra charges maybe applicable, even for the checking account holders and the service is available for a selection of payees; the fee differs for every payee. Additionally, if the customers use Wells Fargo credit cards, fees and interest will be applicable, regardless of whether monthly fees are paid or not.

In order to add new payees, the customer has to login to Wells Fargo Online, select the Bill Pay tab and enter the Payee’s name and ZIP code under Add New Payee on the Overview screen and then select the Payee from the online directory or enter the details manually. Once the payee has been added, payments can be scheduled or periodic payments can be setup for automatic payments. Wells Fargo payees are automatically added to the list of payees.

E-bills can also be received from hundreds of local and national companies directly to the online account, without having to receive paper bills.

Wells Fargo Bill Pay has been ranked #3 in TopTenReviews with a rating of 8.75 on 10 for all the services such as bill management, payment features, ease of setup, customer support, etc.

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