Oct 182014

By Mohammed Waseem

Residents of India have many options to pay bills on time. Most of them resort to visiting one-stop bill pay destinations to pay their bills. Here, they again have to wait it queues at wait for their turns. The load is however reduced by the number of clerks processing the bills. Recently, new solutions have been introduced to make bill pay easier and convenient.

Online bill pay has been introduced by banks to enable account holders to pay bills conveniently. We will discuss the best of them which are preferred by Indians. IndusInd Bank is among the leading banks in the country and has tied up with billers in major cities to process their bills for their customers, who happen to be account holders at the bank.

IndusNetUsers can pay most bills including telephone, electricity, mobile phone, television and others. Presently, billers in 23 cities in India are supported. All supported billers, by name, can be accessed here. The service is available for free for IndusNet users, which is the online banking service offered by the bank. For on-time payments, users must schedule them at least 2 days before the due date.

IndusInd Bank is offering this service in association with Bill Desk, about which, we will discuss in the next article. Like any other bill pay service offered by banks, this service also requires that the users be their customers. They just add a feature to their already existing online banking service, to enable customers to pay bills and make their lives easier.

Users can register for an IndusNet Account by using the links here; they can also access the online demo to know more about IndusNet.

Jun 152014

By Mohammed Waseem

Other than online bill payment, many countries have outlets that facilitate bill payment for most companies including utilities and other privet billers. Easy Bill is such a company that has a chain of outlets across the country for acting as one-stop-shop for bill payments, mobile phone and TV service top up, air ticket booking, train and bus ticket booking. It is a part of The Hero Group.

All a customer needs to do is walk into any of the Easy Bill outlets nearby and present the paper bill to the representative who enquires for the bill through the customer account number, amount and other details and submits it to the biller to instantly receive confirmation. The customer is then given the acknowledgement of the payment.

Easy Bill IndiaEasy Bill has over 10000 outlets spread across India, including pharmacies, grocery stores, mobile phone stores and other convenient locations which customers visit frequently. They are present in 100 Indian cities and have plans to expand to 250 cities in the near future. Bills that are supported include utility bills, mobile phone and telephone bills, insurance and so on. They have also partnered with major airlines, Indian Railway, major entertainment and sports channels and several bus operators in India.

Charges and billers supported may be different for each city. The support for each city can be checked from here. They also have a store locator on their website, but unfortunately, it is not working. Hopefully, it will be fixed soon, but if it isn’t, a store can be located by speaking with their customer service agents at the toll free number: 1800 11 7575.

They have a good range of services offered and they are working on more services including movie tickets. Something they could start is online services where they can offer all the services currently offered, online. Most of these services are accessible online, individually from their respective websites. But if Easy Bill can offer online payment services for all of these, it will be great.

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