Jan 192014

By Mohammed Waseem

The market leader in international money transfer also offers a bill payment service. It was known for speedy money transfers, but they also offer bill payment services. It is Western Union Money Transfer. They offer speedy bill payment service and provide several payment options for convenience of the users.

They provide three options for their customers to pay bills. Customers can either pay online with a credit card or a debit card, they can pay bills in person at any of the agent locations or they can pay by phone.

Western Union Bill PayUsers based in the US can use their US bank issued debit/credit cards for paying bills online. They can pay for their credit cards, car, rent, utilities and much more. For paying bills online, one has to register with WU for an account and then choose the biller for paying through a bank card. A MTCN is then generated and confirmation and proof of payment are received by email in minutes. It should be noted that credit card payments lead to extra charges towards cash advance, charged to the credit card issuer. International payment option is also available for payments in any of the 140+ currencies WU accepts. A user is authenticated and verified before he/she is allowed to pay online. Upon approval, the user can use online foreign exchange service (Online FX) provided by WU. But here, the receiver’s bank account details are required to be provided.

For payments in person, the payer has to walk in to any of the Western Union agent locations, fill the form (Pay a Bill section of the form), and hand over the bill payment and applicable transaction fee to the agent. Payment can also be made with US bank issued PIN-based debit cards at select locations.

For payments by phone, the users have to call 1-800-634-3422 from their home phone and follow the instructions. Pay phones cannot be used, home phones are necessary for verification purpose. For payment, biller’s account number and destination code are needed, which can be obtained from the company to be paid.

Western Union also has a mobile based service called Western Union Speedpay for bill payment. Billers can send electronic bills to customers directly on their smartphones or tablets and the customers can pay these bills on their mobile devices with a single click. E-Bills are sent as encrypted attachments on email-capable mobile devices or tablets. This service is available for Android, Blackberry and iOS.

Western Union expanded into bill payments and mobile apps, in order to get the best out of technology and innovations and serve their customers better, in order to stay on top in the competition.

Jan 072014

By Mohammed Waseem

There are several apps in the market for bill payment on mobile phones. In this article, I will discuss about a product called Evolve Money, which gives you the option to pay online or from their mobile app.

Evolve Money offers free bill payment and same day bill payment for $1.50. This service does not necessitate a user to have a bank account or a credit/debit card; instead cash has to be added to the Evolve Money account using reload packs or prepaid cards called RELoadit and Evolve Pay Bucks PINs. These packs can be purchased at many leading retail locations for a price between $3.00 and $3.95. If a user does not want to have an account with Evolve Money, he/she can make a payment using debit/credit cards as a guest.

Evolve MoneyEvolve Money is considered as a fast, affordable and secure way to pay bills form one place and an alternative to bank bill payment services. The number of options it has makes it a flexible solution and the ability to add cash to the account makes the transactions even faster compared to credit/debit cards and bank accounts.

This service accepts over 10000 bills including bills for utilities, wireless, cable, insurance, mortgage, etc.; paid all at once or one at a time, as the user wants to. Of course, the bills have to be saved first, in order to make at-a-time payments for succeeding periods. All bills are paid free of charge, but if one wants to make same day payment in order to avoid expensive late fees, a nominal $1.50 is charged; otherwise, a bill is paid in 2-3 days. When the payment is delivered, the payer is notified.

To use this service, all one needs is a username and a password for logging into Evolve Money app/website. The money is safe as Evolve Money is protected by bank-level security. The Evolve Money website is accessible from all mobile phones and computers and the Evolve Money app is available for Android, iOS and Widows Phone platforms.

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