Nov 082014

By Mohammed Waseem

How would money transfer companies look at bill pay? Just as another category in money transfer. Yes, the trend of cross-border bill pay is starting and companies are looking to grab the opportunity and become the pioneers. We learnt that such a company called BlueKite that was acquired by Xoom Corporation, then we learnt about Money Move IT, both of which offer overseas bill pay.

XoomIn this article, we will learn further about Xoom’s plans after acquiring BlueKite. As planned, they will offer bill pay services to Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. They are launching it this November with an aim to broaden their relationship with their customers. Connecting the latter to their families better is a great step to gain customer loyalty, and for long term. This is what they are looking forward to, from this service.

They have proven to be among the fastest and the most reliable money transfer services in the United States, the new service makes them further better. They have now declared the pricing for the bills paid by using this service; it is $2.99 per bill paid, in addition to a foreign exchange fee. Considering that it is cross-border payment, this fee is reasonable.

Xoom customers will also get real time account balances and pay one or multiple bills instantly. Xoom has huge expectations from this product and so do their customers. They must work on adding more countries to the supported countries list. Additionally, in order to expand, they must introduced their services in other countries as well where people can send money from.

May 222014

By Mohammed Waseem

Credit Unions in the US offer financial services to their members. They operate for the welfare of the members. The services they offer are of a large variety. A few of them also offer online bill payment services. Among them is Golden 1 Credit Union, that offers a good bill pay service to its members. It is based in California and is the 6th largest credit union in the US and 2nd largest in the state of California, with around 82 branches across the state.

Like what it is meant to do, Golden 1 works to offer best possible service to their members and also makes sure that the bill payment service works on par with or better than other similar services offered by other companies/organizations. They offer an easy, three-step procedure to pay a bill, which include choosing the bill, entering the information and entering the amount. With all of this, they aim to make things easy for the members.

Golden 1Members can pay any bill and make payments to anyone in the US at any time. This includes one-time payment, recurring payment and automatic payment. Alerts are sent for all due bills and users can receive ebills as well. History can be viewed for up to 2 years, which is quite good. In addition, anyone with a US address can be paid with this service; so all bills can be paid and managed from one place.

Another good feature they offer is money transfer in partnership with Popmoney, which is a part of Fiserv. I have written about this service here. Members can easily transfer money to/pay any person in the US with this service.

Golden 1 has services which make it similar to bill pay solutions offered by leading companies. In addition, they guarantee speedy delivery. Members can also access bill pay on mobile phones through the Golden 1 app and can view bills and pay them; they can also use Popmoney and can view history of bills paid.

Those who do not use the mobile app can still use the service on their phone by accessing the Golden 1 Mobile site. In addition, Text Banking is also supported. Members of Golden 1 have a very good option, which eliminates their need to look for any other bill pay service; but of course, the limitation is that it is available only to its the members.

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