Jul 082014

By Mohammed Waseem

Chase, a subsidiary of JP Morgan also offers bill payment services to customers. Almost any bill can be paid with this service without any hassle, over the internet. It involves adding a payee and scheduling payments for one time or recurring periods. This takes only a minute and payments happen on secure online gateway.

Bill payment can also be made on the go with Chase Mobile app. Most payments are delivered within two business days. The service is ideal for rent and mortgage, utilities, credit cards and car payments, although most other bills can also be paid. They provide a guarantee that the payments will be delivered on time, provided the customer schedules the payments beforehand and Chase receives the payment before the cutoff time. In case payment is not delivered on time, Chase would cover 100% of the fees resulting from the delay.

Chase MobileHowever, for using bill payment, a customer needs to have a checking account with Chase, an online banking account that allows them to do all banking transactions; this includes bill payment as well. To open an account, customers can follow this link. Customers who already have an account can enroll for the bill pay service or login from here.

In order to pay bills, customers have to login to the online banking account, scroll to the Payments and Transfers tab and add a payee. After confirming, the payee is added to the account. A bill has to be added then, the payment has to be scheduled. In the same way, recurring payments can also be setup.

The bill pay demo can be accessed here in order to experience the service before trying it. The service is user-friendly and easy to use; a good option for customers of Chase, who have an online banking account with them. The drawback, however, is that it is dependent on this fact and is not available for non-account holders. They present various benefits of having a Chase online banking account, but it is upon individuals to evaluate it before choosing to open one.

Jun 292014

By Mohammed Waseem

Singapore is a rapidly developing country with a lot of multinational companies having offices there. Investments from foreigners are also easy there, which makes the development rate higher. Paying bills is also easy with electronic payment in place. DBS Bank, a Singapore based bank offers bill pay service with their online banking. The bank has its operations in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Indonesia as well. They have over 250 branches in 17 markets.

In Singapore, DBS Bank has partnered with over 150 corporations for enabling customer to pay bills online. All of the billers are supported for payment by internet banking and phone banking and some of them by personal banking. Some of them are also supported for payment by ATM as well. The list of supported billers can be accessed here. If customers don’t find their biller in the list of supported companies, they can request the bank to add these billers to the list.

iBanking DBSCustomers can pay bills for utilities, telecommunication services, taxes and much more, all from their online banking account. Payment can also be made through participating organizations at anytime and anywhere through the on-the-go banking. For promoting this service, DBS Bank is offering 2 Mini Cooper cars and S$30000 in prizes the users of online bill payment could win.

The customer has control over how much has to be paid and when, they can pay at anytime from anywhere. The service is offered free of cost, which is amazing. The service is also available through POS Bank, which was merged with DBS Bank earlier in 1998.

In order to make the payments, one has to have an account with DBS Bank or POS Bank and has to apply for internet banking. Once they have applied and have got an iBanking Account, they can login and click on “Payments”. Then they need to select “Bill Payment: Manage Billing Arrangements”, add a biller and provide the customer reference number to fetch the bill information. At the bank branches, customers need to fill the Bill Payment Arrangement form and submit it over the counter to avail theservice.

Mar 102014

By Mohammed Waseem

Few banks in the US offer online banking with bill pay services. I discussed about Wells Fargo few days ago; today, I will discuss a service offered by another American bank – PNC, which is the 6th largest bank in the US. It has over 2700 branches across 19 states.

PNC offers online bill payments services with focus on convenience, control and encouragement to go paperless. They also focus on being one-stop bill payment service, without the users having to remember passwords for different websites. They are also a free service, as it is a service offered along with their banking services.

Online Bill Pay by PNCOnline bill pay service is available to the residents of the US to pay bills in the US and the users need to have a checking account or a savings account. With this service, users can manage household finances, business accounts and their investments. They also offer the users choice between paper bills and ebills for participating billers.

The online bill pay service is extremely easy to use and very convenient. Management of bills is very easy because users can track unpaid bills, verify past bills, check status of current bills and modify payee list with ease. Users can pay anyone who they would normally pay by check, individuals and businesses. Manual payments can be made for one-time bills and recurring bills with different amounts each month. Automatic payments can be setup for recurring bills with same monthly amounts. Payment can be scheduled up to one year in advance.

Most payments made are delivered the next business day, but if payment is sent by check, it may take a few more days. When the user enters the amount, the system automatically displays the earliest date of payment delivery which can be changed for scheduling payment at a later date. Payment calendar helps the users determine dates they can select for making the payments. Users can also check the status of their bills from their account. Additionally, users can pay their bills using their PNC Bank Visa Debit Card or Credit Card.

When users open accounts and sign on to online banking, they are automatically registered for bill pay. Reminders can be setup for due bills and custom notifications can be setup for a number of options.

They have an online demonstration for this service, which I found very interesting. It can be accessed here. TopTenReviews rated them 8.32 on 10 which places them 4th in the ranking. It is a great service for members, allowing them to pay all their bills from one place with ease.

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