Apr 102014

By Mohammed Waseem

Bill payment has become so easy today that with a few clicks in a few seconds, we can pay our bills while at home or on the go. Billeo, a leading online shopping and bill pay service provider works towards simplifying and speeding up online and mobile payments. They have association with leading banks and financial institutions, over 20000 billers, 1500 merchants and have over 1.5 million customers.

Their services include XpressBuy and XpressPay. XpressBuy is meant for online marketplaces, and it enables them to drive easy and instant purchases directly from their website or from the customer’s phone or tablet. It offers a fast, simple and secure checkout service across a variety of merchants. This works with a “Buy” button which the merchants add on their websites. XpressBuy supports many of the top 500 merchants, such as Nordstrom, Kohl’s, Sears, Target, and Buy.com. They are continuously working on adding more merchants to the list. The service also works with wallets used by the merchants, and Billeo offers its own wallet as well. They also offer customer solutions such as use of social media in creating business

Billeo Online ScreenXpressPay is meant for bill payment and delivers a simple, instant card-funded bill payment service across a variety of billers. It enables a bank to drive instant bill payment with a bank-issued debit or credit card right from the bank’s existing bill payment tool. XpressPay looks up the amount and date due of a bill and completes the bill pay process in just a few seconds, from any online or mobile device. A bank enables XpressPay by placing a “Pay Now” button next to a supported biller. The customers click this button and are redirected to the payment gateway, without leaving the bank’s website.

Billeo’s XpressPay and XpressBuy solutions are available to customers through merchants and financial institutions. They also offer a browser app which works with Internet Explorer and Firefox as a browser add-on to help manage online financial transactions in a faster and more organized way. Billeo’s Bill Pay Assistant allows users to pay bills from more than 11,000 sources, like water delivery, rent, taxes and medical bills. It also includes reminders for due bills.

Billeo’s services are good for financial institutions who intend to engage better with their customers, and for the merchants who want a simple checkout process.

Apr 032014

By Mohammed Waseem

UK mobile operators have come up with a service to enable their subscribers to charge their phone bill or prepaid credit for online shopping. The service is called Payforit and it provides a common framework for mobile billing. All major UK mobile operators including the MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) support the service and many retailers accept it as a method of payment.

Payforit is a trusted safe and simple method of charging consumers for goods and services bought through mobile sites or the web. This service does not require the users to sign up or fill any form, nor does it require them to enter bank account or card details, all they have to do is click the “Pay Now” button.

PayforitPayforit is available for use on mobile phones, as well as on computers. On a computer, when users click on ‘Pay Now’, they are requested to enter their mobile number. A unique code is then sent to that number by SMS, which is supposed to be entered on the website to complete the payment. Mobile users only have to click on one button to complete the payment.

Many retailers have opted to use this as a method of accepting payments because it is quick, easy and official. In addition, the potential of mobile payments is very high; according to predictions, they could even replace card payments in the future. Payforit presents the correct rates according to the rate regulator, PhonepayPlus. So, there is no chance of extra charges appearing on the phone bill.

A disadvantage of this service is that it is not password protected, which means that anyone can make transactions if they have the phone, causing the charges to appear on the phone owner’s bill. In addition, anyone who uses the phone’s internet data connection via tethering can make transactions while the charges are applied to the owner’s bill. This can be avoided by appropriately locking the web services to be used only by the owner and not sharing the phone’s internet connection, except when necessary for personal purposes. Otherwise, Payforit is a great initiative which is not just official, but also convenient.

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