Sep 212014

By Mohammed Waseem

Among the various types of organizations that offer bill pay, prepaid card providers is one. Most of these work in the country of origin, unlike some international bill pay solutions. Many prepaid solutions are offered only to people with a good credit score, but how about a service that is available for everyone? All users would have access to bill pay using this service.

The prepaid card service in question is AccountNow and it is meant for the residents of the United States. 100% approval of application is guaranteed, subject to identity verification. The users can use the card to withdraw money or make purchases anywhere in the world, where Visa Debit and MasterCard Debit cards are accepted.

AccountNowAccountNow allows users to pay bills within the United States, and this includes payments to service providers and even individuals. They guarantee speed, safety, ease, convenience and on time delivery. The bill pay service can be used to make one time payments or even setup recurring payments. Bills can also be paid over the phone, apart from paying them online.

This service is free of charge, which means no additional charges would apply for paying bills. However, using the prepaid card would attract a fee. To start paying bills, users of AccountNow prepaid cards should add payees to their account and schedule payments. All payments are completed using EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), but if a particular payee does not accept electronic transfers, AccountNow sends them a check drawn on the user’s account. This check is mailed to the payee at no extra charge towards stamps and envelopes.

Users can also request for email confirmation notifying when the payment is sent. The report is however accessible online after the user has logged into their account. Users who already have an AccountNow card or are planning to go for a prepaid card that also allows them to pay their bills, AccountNow’s bill pay is a very good option. This link can be user to sign up for an account with them.

Aug 022014

By Mohammed Waseem

Paying bills on time is something most people are cautious about, due to the late fees applicable if due dates are missed. They carefully save money for due bills in order to avoid running out of budget. What if some money could be saved and in fact, returned to us for using a particular bill payment service? The famous card company, Discover has a bill payment service with 1% cash back offer.

While paying the bills, if some amount can be saved, it is a good option. Supposing the bills paid amount to $2000 in the year, the cash back bonus will be $20. More, Motiva and Open Road card members earn 0.25% cash back Bonus on the first $3000 paid and 1% for amount after $3000.

DiscoverThe cash back bonus can be redeemed for cash as direct deposit into a bank account of choice or as credit in the Discover credit card account. The bonus can also be used to pay online, credited to partner gift cards or discover gift cards or donated to charitable organizations.

Discover supports many billers in many industries including insurance, cable/satellite TV, security, internet and wireless. They also provide contact details for each biller, in case customers need to contact them for any reason. For paying a bill, customers need the paper bill or e-bill and the Discover card. The biller has to be searched for and selected and automatic bill payments registered online or by phone with the billers.

Bills can also be paid manually by logging into the Account Center. Unregistered users should first register for starting to pay bills with Discover. Up to two online payments are allowed using different bank accounts. The maximum number of bank accounts that can be connected with Discover is 9.

The interesting part of Discover is that even if one pays the bill on the due date, before 5 PM Eastern Time, the payment is delivered on the same day. But late fees may be applicable in case the payment was made after the time. For those who do not want to opt for same day payments, scheduling has to be done in advance to avoid missing the due date; this is to avoid delays on part of other parties involved in the process, such as banks.

The bill pay service is free of cost for all Discover card holders. Apart from online payments, customers can opt to pay from Western Union and few other retail outlets, or pay by check by sending the check to Discover. Online transactions with Discover are safe, as the users are protected with the $0 Fraud Liability Guarantee.

Apr 012014

By Mohammed Waseem

We must have heard about Fiserv, a global provider of e-commerce and information management systems for the financial industry. They offer an excellent bill payment service called MyCheckFree which is available for individuals.

MyCheckFree, as the name indicates, is a free service and a quick and easy way to pay bills online. They have an extensive list of companies to whom bills can be paid. Each time a user adds a payee, the mascot dog names ‘Scout’ retrieves the bills for that payee; and each time a user logs in, the dog waits with their bills in its mouth, waiting for a command. This is an interesting feature apart from being free and may attract pet lovers. Using the website is like communicating with Scout; for instance, the link to sign up says “Go Scout! Enroll“.

MyCheckFree from FiservaWhen a payee has been added, most of the billing information is already there in the payment center. All the user has to do is choose the amounts, date of payment and the account from which they want to pay, and then pay the selected bills. Users can sign up for electronic bills to be received directly on their online account, instead of paper bills sent to their mail.

When a user schedules a payment, Fiserv starts processing the payments 2 days prior to the date scheduled, in order to make the payments reach on the scheduled date. It the scheduled date falls on a holiday or a weekend, the date is automatically adjusted to fall on the previous business day. Payments can be made from checking and money market accounts, or major credit cards where accepted by the biller.

Every payment a user makes has a 100% guarantee. If the bill fails to be paid on time, i.e. is paid after the due date, Fiserv would bear the late-payment charges up to $50, as long as the bill was scheduled properly to reach on time. Payment can not be made to anyone using this service, unlike many other services. The list of supported billers can be accessed here. Emergency payments can also be made to selected billers and some billers may charge a fee for this service.

MyCheckFree ranks 6th on TopTenReviews with a 7.63 rating on 10. It is a great service for the fact that it is secure, reliable and free, but users can pay bills only to billers on their list. Many companies allow even individuals to be added as payees, which this service lacks; otherwise, it is a good service.

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