Jul 182014

By Mohammed Waseem

Among the credit card providers that offer bill pay service, American Express is an excellent choice. They provide an easy, convenient and time saving service to enable the card holders to manage recurring household bills. The holder of an American Express card has to register their card with participating merchants to avail this service.

Once registered, all bills are paid on time, automatically, without any additional cost to the card holder. In order to use the service, card holders need to look for the biller on Amex website and go to the former’s website (or access the service from biller’s website). When they access the biller’s website, they are provided with instructions to pay the bills; these may differ for each biller. After setting up automatic payments, all the payments can be tracked on American Express Account Statements.

Amex Automatic Bill PayIf the biller a card holder is looking for can’t be found on Amex website, the billers can be directly asked if they accept American Express Automatic Bill Payment as an option. Having registered for the service, it may take up to three billing cycles for charges to appear on the American Express Card Account Statement.

This link can be used to locate the billers and see if the service provider the card holder uses is supported. If a particular biller is not found, they should be contacted directly to enquire. Most billers send the paper bills marked “Paid” or “Do Not Pay” to indicate that the bill will be automatically paid. Alternatively, payers can use online bill presentment offered by the billers, if it is available.

An advantage of this service is that there is no fee associated with bill payments, which is not true with most third party bill payment services. In addition, card holders can enroll in a reward program and get rewards for using the bill payment service. By using this service, American Express card holders can save time, postage, late fees and bill payment fees.

May 122014

By Mohammed Waseem

Bank of America has been known for its part in leading innovations in the recent past. They also have their own bill pay service, which many users are quite satisfied with. This service is offered along with online banking for Bank of America customers.

Many users say that their service is highly user-friendly and they also have an excellent customer service team which addresses right issues at right time. Their feature which enables combination of personal and business bills and the ability to view all Bank of America accounts on one page is something which users like a lot. Some users also say that there is minimal need to contact customer service and when they are contacted, they come with a right solution.

Bank of America Bill Pay Screen

Bank of America Bill Pay Screen

However, some users are not happy with their service; they say that Wells Fargo’s Bill Pay service is much better. They say that the only good thing about it is that it is simple and easy to use. In addition, people also complained that adding a biller takes many days due to the approval system, which is not true in case of many bill pay services.

With this service, users can either pay a company or an individual in a few simple steps. Payments can be one time or recurring, which can be scheduled for delivery on a specified date. They however suggest that a payment should be scheduled at least 5 business days ahead of the due date in order to avoid contingencies. Users can also add accounts from other financial institutions to pay bills from; this is an amazing feature which is normally offered only with a few bill pay services from non banks.

Users can also receive bills online and they are notified when a bill arrives. Ebills can be requested to be received on online banking mailbox or any email address chosen by the user. These bills can also be printed for physical records. In addition, users can setup email alerts for due bills. There is no limit to the number of bills that can be paid and no fee is charged for using the service.

It seems to be a good service, though there are better services from third parties. Customers of Bank of America should try it before choosing a different service

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