Nov 222014

By Mohammed Waseem

TD Bank is known as America’s most convenient bank and it tries to be just that by offering services that make the lives of their customers convenient. One of the problems Americans face is the payment of bills; it is one of the most inconvenient tasks in their lives. TD Bank has made it easy and convenient by offering a 3 step bill pay service.

To pay a bill, a customer just has to select the company or biller to pay the bill to and then enter the billing information before choosing the amount and time of payment. Any company or individual in the US can be paid with this service and this can be done anytime on any day except weekends and national holidays.

TD Bank Bill PayThey also guarantee on time payments, provided it has been scheduled accordingly. The earliest date the biller can receive the payment is displayed, which can be changed to schedule a future payments. E-bills can also be received, which is a move to save paper and do some good to the environment. Billers with a US address can be added at any time, to make payments to them.

It should however be noted that not all TD Bank accounts have this service available. It is available only with checking and money market accounts. Payments are completed either electronically or using paper checks. Electronic payments are completed just the next business day, paper checks typically take 4 business days.

Payments can be scheduled up to 1 year in advance, while the minimum number of days it can be scheduled varies from biller to biller. Typically, it is between 1 and 4 days. Notifications can also be setup to know when a bill is due. Same day payments are currently not supported, but they may offer it in the future.

Like I said above, one has to be a checking account or money market account holder with TD Bank to be able to use this service. Interested individuals can enquire further at 1-800-493-7562.

Jul 272014

By Mohammed Waseem

Altoona First Bank, a community bank based in Pennsylvania offers online banking with bill pay option to customers. They are present physically in 5 places in Pennsylvania and offer bank accounts to residents of the state. They consider themselves the real community bank, which works for the benefit of the customers and not the stockholders, because they don’t have any stockholders. They have been serving the community of central Pennsylvania since 1927.

Because they don’t have stockholders, the point of focus is needs of the customer; after all, customer is the king in any business, and this is even truer when the business’ primary stakeholder is the customer. They also support small businesses by offering various services including payment processing solutions and business checking accounts.

Altoona BankThe bill pay service is free to use for all internet banking customers and can be used to pay any person, bank or company. The service aims to promote reduced usage of paper, like most online bill pay services. Customers can setup recurring payments and can schedule one time automatic payments in advance. They can also setup due date reminders to avoid missing a deadline and to avoid late fees. All customers also get dedicated support line to ensure easy availability of help, when they need it.

Payments are sent to the billers electronically (to over 70% of the billers) or by paper check. The e-payments are received by the biller in 2-3 business days. Automatic payments should be scheduled accordingly. Same day payments are also available, and for this, payments have to be instructed before 3 PM, Eastern Time and a fee is applicable for this.

Residents of Central Pennsylvania can try the service by accessing the demo and decide whether it is better for them. Presence of so many services can make the decision difficult, but the service offered by Altoona is good enough. The best part of the service is that it can be used to pay anyone and not just a company in Pennsylvania, which is otherwise not possible with most banks that are present in specific states. However, the condition of ‘anyone’ includes anyone currently having an address within continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Having said this, one muse note that this service cannot be used to pay alimony, child support, liens, taxes, or other governmental fees or court ordered payments.

Jul 142014

By Mohammed Waseem

Residents of the United States have loads of options to choose from, when they intend to pay their bills online. Most banks have begun to offer bill pay service to keep up with the demands of the customers and avoid losing them to banks that provide these services. In addition, many third party companies have been coming up with innovative concepts in bill payment.

People who hold MasterCard in the US can pay bills with their card, just by logging on to their website and filling the bill information. They provide the ability to search for billers by category and further narrow down by limiting them to a particular ZIP Code. The biller directory helps the payer find companies that accept MasterCard for bill payment. Billers can also be saved to setup reminders and pay bills in one click. Users are not required to login to make one time payments.

MasterCardBillers from a number of categories are supported including auto loans, cable TV, court fines, entertainment, ISPs, tolls, tax payments, utilities and insurance. From managing personal finances to running small businesses, payers get flexibility and control over the way they manage and pay bills. The fee charged may start at $3.

The service is simple to use and also have automatic payment scheduling option, which makes it a great bill pay service, on par with many leading services. Many billers also allow payers to schedule the date when the card is charged and to set a maximum limit to the amount they are authorized to bill them. In addition, the service also allows the payers to find contact information of the billers, so that they can contact them whenever they want to.

MasterCard offers the bill pay service in a few other countries as well. For instance, in India, they offer the bill pay service at, where, customers are allowed to pay bills without registering or logging in. Registered users can setup reminders.

May 222014

By Mohammed Waseem

Credit Unions in the US offer financial services to their members. They operate for the welfare of the members. The services they offer are of a large variety. A few of them also offer online bill payment services. Among them is Golden 1 Credit Union, that offers a good bill pay service to its members. It is based in California and is the 6th largest credit union in the US and 2nd largest in the state of California, with around 82 branches across the state.

Like what it is meant to do, Golden 1 works to offer best possible service to their members and also makes sure that the bill payment service works on par with or better than other similar services offered by other companies/organizations. They offer an easy, three-step procedure to pay a bill, which include choosing the bill, entering the information and entering the amount. With all of this, they aim to make things easy for the members.

Golden 1Members can pay any bill and make payments to anyone in the US at any time. This includes one-time payment, recurring payment and automatic payment. Alerts are sent for all due bills and users can receive ebills as well. History can be viewed for up to 2 years, which is quite good. In addition, anyone with a US address can be paid with this service; so all bills can be paid and managed from one place.

Another good feature they offer is money transfer in partnership with Popmoney, which is a part of Fiserv. I have written about this service here. Members can easily transfer money to/pay any person in the US with this service.

Golden 1 has services which make it similar to bill pay solutions offered by leading companies. In addition, they guarantee speedy delivery. Members can also access bill pay on mobile phones through the Golden 1 app and can view bills and pay them; they can also use Popmoney and can view history of bills paid.

Those who do not use the mobile app can still use the service on their phone by accessing the Golden 1 Mobile site. In addition, Text Banking is also supported. Members of Golden 1 have a very good option, which eliminates their need to look for any other bill pay service; but of course, the limitation is that it is available only to its the members.

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